My sharing loop (February 2012 update)

For the last couple of years, I have been updating this diagram explaining my social media and web 2.0 discovery and sharing processes. Below is the latest iteration. I added mailing lists and live tools to the mix.

My sharing loop (information sources are on the left, stuff I share on the right)

What does yours look like?


2 thoughts on “My sharing loop (February 2012 update)

  1. Funny how the web works… Just seconds after I published this post, Kristen Swanson (@kristenswanson) contacted me on Twitter to ask if she could use it in an upcoming book about “user-generated learning”. I had no idea she was working on such a project, which is very similar to my Ed. D. idea. We had a quick Skype chat, and she presented me a graph she’s working on for my feedback.

    That’s what I call a PLN at work!

    • Yes, I am so empowered by this project because I realize that there are so many “user generated learners” already out there. Most people who learn this way (like us) are so empowered by the process that we are happy to share and contribute. Thanks for making my learning much richer this afternoon. Let’s continue to swap stories along this journey!

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