Textbook shopping for my EDUC850 class

Ok, so the new semester has started, and I have a textbook to buy.

Berg, B.L.. (2011). Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

Since I am all for e-texbooks, I’ve started exploring the different options I have. There are basically 5 options out there nowadays:

  • Buy the new paper edition.
  • Buy a used paper edition.
  • Rent the paper edition for the length of the semester.
  • Buy the e-textbook.
  • Rent the e-textbook.

Below is a recap of what I have found so far.

Quick search on 20MM

I search for my book on the 20 Million Minds textbook search engine.

The digital book linked to 20MM is Coursesmart. Their option is for rental only, unfortunately. I hate the idea that a textbook expires… I like to keep my books around for future reference, so renting is not an option for me.

I found other sites offering the book digitally:


Barnes & Noble official digital textbook platform Nookstudy has the book available in two formats:

  • Rental (180-day expiration): $44.41
  • Buy: $66.58


Amazon also offers my textbook.

  • Buy (Kindle print replica edition): $65.26


Mobile friendly Kno.com (works on iPads and Android) has the book too, but only as a rental.

  • Rental (6-month expiration): $34.22

The verdict?

I’m on the fence between the Kindle and the Nookstudy version. Since I have a Kindle Fire, and that the Nookstudy version only works on PCs an Macs, I might opt for that one for this semester. But Nookstudy has the text-to-speech feature enabled, so I’m not quite sure yet.

I’ve had experience with Kno.com during the spring, and I liked the platform enough, but the search was bad. I could only search for keywords in the text, not only through my own notes and highlights (PC version). The iPad version was a little better, but I don’t have one.

Anyway, I hope this can be useful to my student peers too!