Sprint Provides Free Devices to College Students to Engage in Social Media

This is happening all over America. In an effort to understand how to reach out to youngsters, big brands provide technology and proprietary data to universities in exchange for an insight inside millennials’ brains.

An article in the Wall Street Journal reports what the mobile carrier Sprint is doing in partnership with Emerson College. Instead of warning students about the use of social media, they have assignments in key classes on how to leverage social media for marketing purposes.

I can see how a business school can benefit from such an agreement. Still, two questions come to mind:

  • Is this something we are comfortable with, as academics?
  • If so, which other disciplines could benefit from similar agreements?

I personally can’t believe that the only way to bring social media in the classroom is to have corporate sponsors jump in, but I’m interested in your opinion on the matter, so comment away!