#OER – Washington SBCTC’s Open Course Library adds 39 courses

If you weren’t aware, the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) has released 39 additional openly licensed courses, bringing the total to 81. Courses made available in the Open Course Library (OCL) are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-By), so they are prime for David Wiley’s 4Rs!

Open Course Library website

The courses are designed as Google Doc collections for easy remixing (how-to guide available here).

The Student PIRGs, a student advocacy group, has updated their cost savings analysis to include these new courses. Copied below are the highlights, as listed on their announcement.

  • Lower Prices: OCL materials cost 90% less than the materials that faculty members used prior to adopting OCL, saving students $96 per class. The average OCL material costs $12 while the average traditional textbook replaced was $135.

  • Massive Savings: The Open Course Library has saved students $5.5 million in textbook costs to date, including $2.9 million during the 2012-2013 academic year alone. The vast majority, $5.1 million of these savings are within the Washington community and technical colleges.

  • Return on Investment: The textbook savings have more than tripled the original investment of $1.8 million.

  • Branching Out: The mathematics departments at Green River Community College and Shoreline Community College have switched to using Open Course Library’s Precalculus textbook, which was developed at Pierce College. During this academic year alone, these departments have saved students $197,395 and $162,848 respectively.

  • Projected Savings: Our 2011 analysis found that savings could rise as high as $41.6 million if the materials are adopted for all 410,000 annual enrollments at Washington’s community and technical colleges. While 100% adoption is unlikely, usage at other colleges and universities across Washington and the nation will almost certainly produce even greater savings.

If you or a colleague teaches a college course, it’s well worth a look. Besides content, there are also instructional design elements included, such as activities, prompts, assignment ideas, etc.


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