March 11: Presenting about #udsnf12 during #openeducationwk

Open Education Week – March 11-15, 2013.

UPDATE: Link to the info and materials for this presentation.

Only a few days to go before my presentation titled “The multiple facets of openness for #udsnf12” for Open Education Week. It will basically be an extended and more complete report of the fall 2012 course I taught (EDUC439/639 Social Networking), and that I previously presented at the 2013 Winter Faculty Institute (where I only had 15 minutes to present –video of the presentation with Richard Gordon now available, and previous post here).

I am still working on my presentation, but I’d like to ask my great former students to attend, either online on Google Hangouts (please follow the Open Education Week’s G+ account to be included) or face-to-face at 201 East Hall. I’d like to draw upon your experience as students on the value of openness for teaching and learning. Please leave your responses as comments, or as links to your own longer response on your blog.

I’ll present from East Hall, room 201 (2nd floor, in the IT-ATS consulting space), starting at 10 a.m., EDT.

See you then, and stay awesome!


6 thoughts on “March 11: Presenting about #udsnf12 during #openeducationwk

  1. This class was the best class I took at UD! I loved our opportunity to explore how we see fit. Being an educator, I learned about many great tools that I can use in my classroom. I think exploring the tools out there can be daunting but it was organized so it wasn’t daunting to me. It was eye opening to see the options available.

  2. this was not my first online course at UD, but it was the first that had an open participant type of format. it allowed us to connect with not only our peers within the University on many different levels, but also colleagues in the field from across the country. it was truly one of the most valuable collaborative experiences i have had thus far in my doctoral coursework. i’m hoping that professor plourde will offer another course of this type that i can take for credit in the future.

    • Thanks for this feedback, Alex. I hope to be able to offer new courses for the School of Education in the upcoming semesters. It’s amazing how much value one can get of getting out of the walled garden of the LMS, and many of you have stepped up to the challenge. Alex’s #udsnf12 artifacts are located at

  3. Tina left this message on our Google Group.
    Mat – I can’t say enough about how much your class – your choice of topics, and the way you guided us changed how I feel about my learning experience.

    You helped me explore and experiment with social media technology that can support learning in the 21st century. I learned how to transform this seemingly overwhelming barrage to my senses – into a collection of purposeful and useful tools. These skills and resources allowed me to understand and to actualize my digital presence.

    You made the words collaboration and networking come to life and gave them real meaning. I learned to curate and create a personal learning environment that enriches my academic efforts and that allows me to direct my own learning.

    You introduced me to communities of learners that allow me to grow and share in real time. I learned how to locate, access, and connect with other people from around the world about issues that we shared an interest in.

    You demonstrated to me the power of video to deliver authentic, instructive, and supportive feedback in real time. This has changed how I plan to approach my own future projects.

    I hope you get to teach this topic again – as I feel every student deserves a chance to learn how to interact with the world safely and productively through technology.

    Please feel free to use these observations in any way they will support your project.

    Thank you.
    Thanks for the kind words, Tina!

    You already had a solid understanding of what it meant to create a digital presence in an e-portfolio, but you were able to leverage the fact that tools outside the institutionally prescribed ones could be used for the same purpose.

    You can see Tina’s work on her blog at

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