Attending #Educon this weekend

Chris Lehmann, Fearless Leader at the Science Leadership Academy

As this is now a yearly tradition, I’m attending #Educon in Philadelphia this weekend. This K12 un/conference has become quite an attraction over the years, something you would not expect from a quirky little school like the Science Leadership Academy.

My goals for the weekend are the following:

  • Meet passionate educators from all over the place, and add them to my personal learning network (check out my about page for more info)
  • Collect 21st century teaching and learning strategies.
  • Get a sense of what innovate schools do to deal with enabling innovative practices while preserving the cyber-safety of their students.
  • Understand a little bit more what is and will be expected of future teachers.

I’ll be carrying my camera everywhere on Saturday and Sunday, so please stop by, say hello, and tell me what’s your story! I’ll be posting those to my Youtube account (as I did last year) for all to use, and as teaching materials for my upcoming classes on digital storytelling and social networking for educators at the University of Delaware.


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