Safe social media in K12? #udsnf12 #Educon

Yes, I teach a class on the use of social media for educators. And yes, I feel like a total poser when it comes to using social media with young people, aka “kids”. So here I am, baring my neck, and asking for help for my #udsnf12 class.

As an experiment, I’d like to ask my super-awesome personal learning network if they have  examples of:

1) Links to policies restricting access to certain web 2.0 sites in school districts;

2) Examples of how these policies help/hinder student learning;

3) Workarounds or safe tools used in K12 (mobile tools too);

4) Educators who were able to convince school districts to unlock access to certain services for pedagogical reasons;

5) Practices and case studies related to the use of web 2.0 tools in K12.

Thanks in advance! Did I tell you how awesome you guys are? I’ll see some of you at Educon in January, for sure!



3 thoughts on “Safe social media in K12? #udsnf12 #Educon

    • Kaitlin,

      To me, those rules, although they were adopted in 2001, are pretty flexible and should allow teachers and students to use the web without banning a whole lot of services. Are you still experiencing a very “narrow” internet on your school network?

      FERPA and CIPA might be bigger concerns than the technology policies.

  1. Additional resources:
    – Online Petition: Oklahoma City Public Schools Must Adopt Balanced Internet Content Filtering Policies:
    – Defending Tech Literacy/Use for Elementary School Children:
    – Free-Range Media = Free-Range Learning Innovation:

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