Social media for #fashion: Fall 2012

This is my Fall 2012 collection (of slides) for “FASH325 Multimedia Fashion Presentations” students.

This presentation is part information management, part online persona, and part marketing. It’s intended to be an overview of what 21st century graduates should be aware of in terms of online behaviors and trends.


Things not covered in class

  • Take advantage of the fact that you are all sharing the same experience (i.e., college) to start following each other, sharing information, and discussing the practices in your discipline. Your cohort might end up being the best support group you’ll have in your lifetime.
  • Information on the web is not peer-reviewed, so be aware of the dangers of becoming misinformed. See this video about media literacy for more details.



Web Presence

Point of Purchase

Social Media

Social Media Tools


Content Hosting & Collaboration

Metrics & Analytics

Short link to this page:


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