Mobile module for WordPress – WpTouch

Playing with my course site for EDUC439/639 Social Networking has allowed me to learn a lot more about standalone WordPress (i.e., not a hosted version like this blog). I just enabled the WpTouch plugin for the site, and wanted to share some screenshots of what it looks like on a mobile device.

Home screen

The home screen doesn’t have all the bell and whistles the regular version has. It focuses on blog posts, which is good.


I customized the menu to show different icons for different types of pages.



Posts are clean and use the whole screen. You can also expand the comments and comment from your browser.

Some glitches

Some pages might not render very well, such as the calendar. this is because the content is an embed from Google Calendar, and is set with a fixed pixel value larger that my device.


Final thoughts

If you’re using a site, you don’t need to enable a mobile theme, it comes standard. But you might want to check your settings to make sure your mobile experience is what you want it to be.

Is there a better option out there? Just fishin’ šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Mobile module for WordPress – WpTouch

    • Hi Stacy,

      The WordPress app is mostly useful to manage your WordPress site (writing, commenting, etc.). I strongly encourage you to explore it, especially if you’re a mobile type of person.

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