Finding and selecting quality open educational resources

As the spring semester slowly fades away, here is an opportunity for faculty members to start planning for the next time they will teach classes. We all know the internet is a treasure trove of learning materials, but how can one find the right resources without spending too much time digging in the wrong spots?

Step 1: Attend an hour-long webinar

First, on Tuesday, May 1st, you are invited to attend a Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources webinar titled Finding and Selecting High Quality Open Educational Resources.

“Hear from a community college librarian, the director of a statewide open textbook project, and an open textbook publisher on best approaches for finding and selecting high-quality, accessible open textbooks and open educational resources to enhance teaching and learning in your classroom and expand access to education. Our featured speakers are:

  • Kate Hess, Librarian, Kirkwood Community College, IA
  • Dr. Robin Donaldson, Director Open Access Textbook Project, Florida Distance Learning Consortium
  • David Harris, Editor-in-Chief, OpenStax College, Rice University, TX”

You are invited to register for a viewing party at 1:00 p.m. in room 011 Smith Hall, or attend the webinar on your own.

Step 2: Attend a workshop

OER logoParticipants interested in working with IT staff are welcome to stay in 011 Smith after the webinar to explore some of the tools and strategies for their own classes (register here for the Tuesday workshop). If this time is not convenient for you, register for a second workshop on Friday May 4th at 9 a.m.


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