Upcoming LearnIT session on personal learning networks

In the past couple of years, I have shared my story of how I use social media for professional development and web 2.0 as my “extended brain.” I have prepared a workshop titled “Building your personal learning network: DIY professional development,” and I hope you can join me this Wednesday, February 22, or the following week on Thursday, March 1. Below is a short promo video I created as a teaser.

If you’re interested in reflecting on your own professional development practice and explore a thing or two about using the internet to assist you, sign-up for one of the these two upcoming LearnIT sessions:

This session is open to University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff members.

P.S.: If you’re not a UD person and would like to participate, send me an email at mathieu AT udel DOT edu.

Update: I created a hub page for this training session.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming LearnIT session on personal learning networks

  1. I very much hope another session will be open. I have meetings scheduled already for both of these times. Sounds like a great one to attend.

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