Badge idea: The Folksonomist

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I’ve fallen behind on the #ioe12 course, but one idea has been nagging me for a while. I’d like to propose a badge for people willing to explore, collect, define, and propose relevant keywords related to the twelve modules of the course.

What triggered my interest was Mark’s post about his badge idea. I think both badges would complement themselves pretty good, and define a group taxonomy of openness that would make storage and retrieval of resources easier for all.

So based on the idea of folksonomy (or grassroot-based taxonomy), the badge could be called “The Folksonomist”. I don’t know if this would go beyond one person doing the work. Any idea on how to make this an Apprentice-level challenge that more than one person could complete without too much overlap?


5 thoughts on “Badge idea: The Folksonomist

  1. Can you give an example of what such a keyword would be? Not sure if I get the term folksonomy from just reading the wikipedia page …

      • OK got it, thanks!

        So they might very well emerge by looking at all the tags people put in their respective blogs about these topics…

      • Indeed. The folksonomy will vary depending on the scope of your research (only blog posts on #ioe12, tweets, flickr images, Google+ conversations, etc.), and over time as new ideas or topics emerge.

        If you can find a way to collect those tags in a text format, a tools like could help you visualize the main patterns.

        Anyway, do you think this is a badge worth designing/exploring? I was simply throwing the idea up there to get feedback.

  2. I think it is an interesting option. The one concern I have is if it is not against the emerging nature of these keywords to start ‘forcing’ us to come up with them … then again, what’s wrong with a good thought shower from time to time!

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