The Saylor Foundation offers $20,000 for authors willing to “open” their textbooks

Credit: Logan Ingalls on Flickr

The Saylor Foundation, still pushing to develop a complete college-level free online curriculum, has announced a second round of its open textbook challenge today.

With this Challenge, we’re on the hunt for textbooks that correlate to the 200+ online college-level courses offered on We’re offering $20,000 awards to each textbook author who submits an accepted text and agrees to relicense their work under a CC-BY license.

So the three conditions are for authors willing to submit their textbooks are…

  1. The current content cannot already be using a Creative Commons Attribution license. In other words, current open textbooks are not eligible.
  2. The textbook has to be associated with a course listed here. This course list is getting shorter as new books are accepted.
  3. If accepted, the book has to be relicensed under as Creative Commons Attribution, making it an open textbook that can be reused, redistributed, remixed, and revised by its users.

You don’t have to think of textbooks in a traditional way either. Alana Harrington, Director of the Saylor Foundation, states:

We encourage educators to utilize and restructure the products of their labor, including textbooks, course packs and lecture notes. Aggregated resources used in classes over a professor’s career could serve the same purpose as a textbook for any number of our courses.

If you’re a UD faculty and think you’re up for the challenge, let me know (mathieu at udel dot edu)!


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