provides OER-based vetted college experience

While keeping an eye on the Twitter stream (hashtag #opened11) coming out of the 2011 Open Education conference in Park City, Utah, this tweet caught my attention:

The Saylor Foundation is a non-profit that focuses on making higher education free for everyone.

The mission of the Saylor Foundation is to make education freely available to all. Guided by the belief that technology has the potential to circumvent barriers that prevent many individuals from participating in traditional schooling models, the Foundation is committed to developing and advancing inventive and effective ways of harnessing technology in order to drive the cost of education down to zero.

This 13-minute video explains the principles and the process involved in Saylor’s vision to collect, vet, and distribute open content.

In the video, Michael Saylor, Trustee of the Saylor Foundation, explains how networks are changing the game of learning.

We have reached an inflection point were it is now cheaper to learn to read on a tablet computer than it is learn to read on paper. More people can access mobile networks in the world that can get access to running water.

I believe this approach is pretty interesting. It definitely takes away the mistrust that some faculty members have regarding open educational resources. What do you think?


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