Using Social Media for Fashion

Credit: Steven Vance on Flickr

Don’t worry, I won’t pretend I’m any kind of fashion expert… I’m not quite a candidate for What Not To Wear, or a featured creature on People of Walmart, but I’m no P. Diddy either!

This semester, I have been asked to be a guest speaker in the “FASH325 Multimedia Fashion Presentations” course, one section taught by Sharron Lennon and the other by Brenda Shaffer. This post is a placeholder for materials and links related to this special appearance, that, I hope, can be of general interest to readers of this blog.

Topics include:

  • Defining social media
  • The personal learning network: Using social media professionally
  • Branding your online persona
  • Web publishing, collaboration, and groupwork
  • Metrics

Relevant Links and Articles


Web Presence

Point of Purchase

Social Media


Social Media


Content Hosting & Collaboration

Metrics & Analytics

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One thought on “Using Social Media for Fashion

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