The Growing Role of Social Media For College Graduates

We’re hearing a lot of stories related to social media making us lazy (the new buzzword  is “slacktivism”), like the latest one from Dean Obeidallah on Yet, it seems more and more students are finding value in using them to land jobs. Just look at this story from Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada describing how business students who took control of their online identity were able to land jobs. That article portraits sending resumes and cover letters as an obsolete practice.

Proving the point that social media is becoming a tool of choice for recruitment, LinkedIn is now the number 2 US social media service.

Closer to home, while working with students involved in the Public Engagement and Material Culture Institute (PEMCI), I had the chance to meet extraordinary students and graduates opening up their knowledge to the world and building their professional brand through social media. Below are some examples and testimonials.

Carolyn Barry, whose interview follows, told me off-camera that she received multiple interview requests directly on Twitter.

In the following video, Amber Kerr-Alison explains how her social media skills helped her establish a presence for herself and the Lunder Conservation Center.

Here are some questions:

  • Students: How do you manage your online brand and have you connected with people professionally?
  • Instructors: How have you/could you leverage the use of social media to prepare your students for their future career?

2 thoughts on “The Growing Role of Social Media For College Graduates

  1. Mathieu:

    Thanks for the comments about our student successes at Memorial University and for your insightful Blog post. The students profiled in the articles were just two of the successes we have had from the personal branding assignment that we were using as about 1/3 of our Internet Marketing course. Because if the success and the importance of this topic for students, beginning in September we are launching a dedicated class on “Personal and Business Branding with Social Media” that is open to students in any year, from any faculty on campus. The objective is for them to learn the skills early and populate their online presence over their degree so when they are on the market, they have the strongest possible brand out there. The course website is Thanks again for the comments and the great post.

    • Hi Lyle,

      That’s just awesome. I love it when faculty members and institutions step out of their way to empower students. I believe that’s just the way it’s going to be; students will have to manage their online reputation in order to compete. Opting out of social media altogether is not an option anymore. Fortunately, more and more people are stepping out of the novelty goofy use of social media to get back to sound marketing and business practices, which in turn brings more credibility to online communities.

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