Crowdsourced Subtitles Open Khan Academy To Even More People

The Khan Academy is a non-profit organization focused on creating freely available lessons delivered as online video. It all started with one guy, Sal Khan, making videos to help a cousin with algebra. Their library is impressive, now hosting more than 2,000 videos.

They have recently announced a new initiative to translate the subtitles to the videos in languages other than English, expanding the reach of these open educational resources even more. This is made possible by the involvement of Universal Subtitles, an open source, non-profit project that leverages the expertise of viewers in helping develop subtitles on videos in the same language or in any other language.

Crowdsourcing captions not only makes content from Khan and others more accessible both to people with hearing disabilities and speakers of languages other than English, it can also help with SEO efforts. Full-text transcripts of videos can be indexed by search engines, making video assets easier to discover.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Better accessibility and better search engine results… Who knew subtitles could be so useful?

See an example below:


2 thoughts on “Crowdsourced Subtitles Open Khan Academy To Even More People

  1. I couldn’t find a place to control where the subtitles sit, which is a bummer, because they obscure a key part of the picture in the sample video I tried to subtitle.

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