The Kno Textbook App for the iPad

A couple of months ago, Kno announced that they where getting out of the hardware business to concentrate of mobile device apps for textbooks. It was a bit disappointing because they had a very interesting dual screen full-color concept that would have worked well as a paper-based textbook alternative.

Today, they have announced the beta release of their iPad app. Not being an iPad owner myself, I invite you to get free the app and test it out. They offer a free textbook as an incentive.


2 thoughts on “The Kno Textbook App for the iPad

  1. I downloaded it and checked it out. They have some impressive titles, leading off with McConnell’s Microeconomics. However, they are selling at the normal e-book price.

    The only real benefit I saw was the organization is set up to mimic semesters. Other than that it’s just like iBooks or the Kindle app, which are much more well-established.

    Did I miss something?

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