Open education: It’s all about learning!

Welcome to this website that is dedicated to the exploration of new ways to teach and learn. As technology evolves and transforms our daily lives, it is understandable that it will also present a new set of challenges and opportunities for educators. Educators and Techies at the University of Delaware will work together to find innovative tools and techniques to share on this site.

As a first task to tackle, we’ll try to address two aspects of learning with technology:

1) Open educational resources (OER) and electronic textbooks

New mobile devices are released at a breakneck pace, and those devices allow students to access learning resources instantaneously. Two competing paradigms are clashing in this digital context: the traditional textbook industry and freely available open educational resources.

2) Social media

Humans are social creatures. New communication technologies have the potential to unleash learning to a whole new level, for a fraction of the price of what was available even five years ago. We’ll look into finding tips, tricks, and faculty practices that support having productive discussions that lead to deeper learning in the open.

We hope that you’ll enjoy and appreciate what we put up here, and hope to have you become a part of the conversation as well! Let us know if you have ideas, concerns, or practices to share.


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