Intro to Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools Through Faculty Practices

On July 22 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, I’ll be moderating a workshop called “Intro to Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools Through Faculty Practices” in 010 Smith Hall. UD faculty and staff are invited to attend in person by signing-up in advance.

The purpose of this workshop is to present a bunch of different ways instructors have used free web resources to enhance their student’s learning.

I have Ustreamed the session.

I have also monitored the #smpractices hashtag on Twitter (Twapper Keeper archive available here), and I have used TitanPad for attendees to take notes.

By the way, this post will be updated regularly to add links to different resources I’ll use or produce as time goes by.

Faculty Practices

In no particular order, here’s the list of practices that might be used during the presentation:

Comment from Stéphane Gauvin, Professor of Marketing, Université Laval, about his use of Facebook as a LMS:

For me, as a teacher, it turned out to be the best environment, by a mile. More and better interaction. It may not provide the easiest way to manage some chores, though, as culling assignments and integrating graded activities is not as easy as it is in a customized [LMS]. Many students were skeptical at first. Most liked it. Some were overwhelmed by the amount of information; some were uneasy with the friends/colleagues mix. I’ll very probably use it again next year (keep in mind that this is for an eMarketing [graduate] course — my assessment is less enthusiastic for support to regular courses).

Professor Gauvin also uses Dropbox to share files and have students drop their assignments.

Still Didn’t Get Enough?

Got Something To Add To This List?

If you have used web 2.0 tools or social media in a creative way, or have discovered a practice worth sharing, let me and my readers know! Leave a comment below!

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