Objects, Engagement, and Web 2.0

On Thursday June 10, 2010, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, I’ll be moderating a brand new session called “Objects, Engagement, and Web 2.0”. The audience will be composed of participants in the PEMCI conference at the University of Delaware, mostly graduate students involved in arts and humanities.

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/mathplourde/6-102010pemci

The purpose of the conference is to open their minds to the world outside of their domain of interest. As academics, we tends to be very narrowly focused on certain topics for which we become experts. But as you have all experienced in the past, experts are not always the best at communicating with regular folks… So a little training in selling yourself and your passion goes a long way!

My focus will be on establishing a presence using social media, web 2.0, and geo-location technologies.

To get started, participants are invited to skim read the articles that I have tagged with PEMCI2010 on Delicious.

I will update this page throughout the week to add links and resources. Recordings are available on my UD Workshops Ustream Channel. UD Capture videos are also available.

Personal Productivity Tools

Social Networking Tools

Enhanced Reality Tools

Content Hosting and Creation

Your Homework!

Now that I have filled your head up with all those ideas and tools, please comment on this post on what you have found shocking, useful, or which technology you are most likely to adopt in the near future!


3 thoughts on “Objects, Engagement, and Web 2.0

  1. I couldn’t open the Slacktivist article and one other– something like Godzilla. The Slacktivist opened briefly and then said it aborted and it wouldn’t open again. The Godzilla one just came up blank. but the others were fine. (I’m helping Matt coordinate PEMCI, fyi)

  2. Hi Joyce,

    I did not experience the issues you’re describing here. You probably hit a downtime on their server, or your connection went down for a moment.

    In any case, I’ll link directly from the post to the articles later today, just in case.


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