Mike Check: One…Two…

Fact #1: Synchronous classroom systems are great.
Fact #2: They are even better when people are able to use them

I had two problems this week.

Issue #1: I realized that 90% of the user support I have to do with our Elluminate Live pilot involves showing users how to select their microphone and turn up its volume. To solve this problem, I developed a scenario to teach users how to make sure they can use their microphone–without calling me on a Sunday afternoon…

Issue #2: My Breeze Presenter 5 PowerPoint add-on doesn’t work on Office 2007. I knew that Articulate could be an alternative, but since I did not have a licence, I decided to try to find another PowerPoint to Flash with voice converter – by the way, I really think that Adobe made a mistake by integrating Adobe Presenter and making it exclusively offered with Adobe Connect webconferencing suite. Anyway, 2 days later, and I resigned myself to download the 2007/Vista beta version of Articulate 5. The good thing is it works just fine.

Here is a link to the result (sorry, it is in French…): http://www.fsa.ulaval.ca/apti/Elluminate/microphones/

I hope it will work well enough to help us have a smooth ride until the end of the summer semester.


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